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Daylay Foods processing Nig Ltd is a fully indigenous company with a local presence and global influence and affluence as private-owned enterprises with unparalleled track records. The quality of our product has given us an edge over our competitors. We pride our product as a product of no artificial flavouring, addictive, preservation and colour. It is original from farmers to production, processing, packaging and distributions. Our international reputation has carved a niche for us having produced for local and international satisfaction. Our products have enjoyed the rare advantage of universal recognition which is an edge an edge over competitors. Daylay Foods (IYAN DELE) as always being called has taken foods production to an enviable height in this twenty-first century when quality is the benchmark. Our expertise has given us recognition globally Our factory is located at no 1 Ijare Road, Ondo – State, Nigeria. Our product is duly and diligently registered by National Agency for Foods and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Daylay Foods (IYAN DELE) specializes in production, processing, packaging and distributions to our esteemed and pending customers locally and globally Our factory is newly equipped with a complete sets of advanced equipments to satisfy our customer`s needs .In terms of quality guaranteed, timely delivery products and good customer service. Every second, we live by the same principle, which is customer`s satisfaction that is our core value. Because, we have the vision and mission of running day to day activities with consciousness of exhibiting excellence, efficiency, fidelity and fairness. That is why our Company has established a quality management system to ensure that every product that we produced and packaged meet international standards. This is one of the features that have distinguished us from our competitors.
We sincerely hope that we can become win-win good business partners MAKING YOUR STOMACH HAPPY

Our Vision

…. It is from local. It will be for global. Our vision is to deliver outstanding and high quality food products to Afro-Caribbean globally that will always meet local and international standards both in production, processing and packaging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be one the leading foods producers globally. By virtue of our experience, exposure and versatility, By God`s grace, we will continually make IYAN DELE an household name and it will become legendary foods for all human race. We will position our products to provide a second to none specialized Afro-Caribbean foods at a competitive prices always. It is local. It will be global.

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Our factory is newly equipped with a complete sets of advanced equipment to satisfy our customer`s needs

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